Third Annual Magnet Donations Drive


Magnet PSA is dedicated to raising funds to help Magnet HS accomplish goals beyond the public funding it receives.  We strive to provide additional support to our school and students through generosity from parents, guardians and friends of the Magnet High School.


Magnet High School is a unique home for our special children and we are very grateful to be here.  Please give what you can, give generously if you are able.  Every dollar will be used only to meet the needs of our students and school. We truly appreciate your support!


2 ways to give (one at no cost to you!*) 


The Magnet Fund


The Magnet Fund campaign is dedicated to improving the educational environment of our students.  Magnet faculty and staff request Mini Grants to supplement their education tools. 

Last year our Chemistry classes enjoyed the 2 additional scales, which greatly improved their ability to make measurements without the long wait. This year the Electrical Engineering class will use 4 variable power supply to design and test circuits.


Thank you for your support!


All donations are tax deductible as PSA is a 501(c) nonprofit tax exempt organization.

If you work for a company that matches charitable contributions, please consider utilizing this benefit.

Our Federal Tax ID/EIN is 26-3842590 and the official name associated with our EIN ID number is




What your generosity has supplied to date:

Replacement 55" lobby TV

2 Chemistry Scales

College Preparation Handbooks

4 Variable Linear DC Power Supply